We do special tours at special prices for cruise ship passengers

Kokopo Tours’ own high roof minibus delivers visitors into the heart of Rabaul and Kokopo life — here seen at the Kokopo market.

You are heading our way on a cruise? Wonderful! Call or email us about our "Cruisin' in Rabaul" tours

Our "Cruisin' in Rabaul" tours follow the general pattern of our scheduled half-day and full day tours, but they are trimmed a little to meet the time constraints on cruise ship passengers.

But be assured these tours include the full round of attractions we advertise; you won't find last minute cancellations with spurious excuses about landowner disputes.

THREE special "Cruisin' in Rabaul" tours

We offer three tour formats in our "Cruisin' in Rabaul" category.

  • The full day Rabaul and Kokopo tour. This is like our regular full day tour except it is in reverse; it starts in Rabaul where you disembark, heads out to Kokopo (in fact, right out to Bitapaka War Cemetery), and ends in Rabaul as we deliver you safely and on time to the wharf to re-embark. Lunch is at the Gazelle International Hotel in Kokopo.
  • The half day tour, Rabaul or Kokopo, your choice, but starting and ending at the wharf in Rabaul.
  • The compact three hour Rabaul tour. Basically, we hit a selection of the highlights of the half day tour for brief visits. This tour is in demand by those who want to see the sights but also to spend a little time doing their own thing dipping into local life, perhaps wandering around the market, and trying out the local bus services.

Special prices for special passengers

As a cruise passenger you get a generous discount when you book for one of our "Cruisin' in Rabaul" tours. There is a reason: logistics! We make useful savings on our costs because our logistics are simplified.

We pass the savings on to you, which makes our prices super competitive.

We don't publish the prices because different ships operate in different ways so the savings and prices vary, but if you phone us or email, we will be only too happy to tell you the price for a tour from your ship.

Some of the memories you will take away from your tour with us: Rabaul and the volcanoes - so beautiful; the friendliness of singsing dancers; the strip of volcanic desert at Matupit; Admiral Yamamoto’s bunker in ‘Fortress Rabaul’.

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