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In addition to the tours listed here, we can offer many variations including a village tour, home stay at our own lodge in Ngatur Village, trekking, caving, butterfly farm visit, firefly visit (at night, of course), cocoa and coconut plantation visit, swimming, snorkeling, and fishing.

Singsing, Culture, and Village experience

We organize half-day tours for individual singsing performances (the Bainings Fire Dance is a night tour) and full day tours for a singsing and extended cultural/village experience. Being Tolais ourselves, we have assured access to the best performances and cultural and living experiences and can bring them to you -- or you to them.

One example is the Tolai whip dance, Alabar, seen above being performed at a festival celebrating East New Britain life. We can put you next to the swish and crack of the whips, either bringing you to a performance in a village or festival or bringing a performance to your hotel.

Our village experience is a popular tour which might be based at our Lodge in Ngatur Village or staying with a family living a traditional lifestyle in Ngatur or another village nearby.

A Tolai bride with part of her ‘bride price’ in tambu shell money — tiny cowrie shells strung on cane.

Trade in Tambu — one of the world's earliest currencies!

We can also introduce you to tambu the traditional shell money of the Tolai people made by stringing tiny cowries on cane ("tambu" also means forbidden in the lingua franca, Tok Pisin).

It is used today for a variety of traditional activities, including births, deaths, and marriages, and also for daily trading in the markets. In fact, the Tolai Local Government Councils have made local laws confining bride price (marriage settlements) to tambu currency and setting ceilings on prices.

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