Singsings - unique spiritual and cultural expressions

The Bainings Fire Dancers dressed in their weird costumes dance through fire in a ritual that never fails to bring gasps from visitors.

The Bainings Fire Dance (above and more pictures here) captures the eye and imagination. It is just one of many cultural expressions in costume, choreography, song, and dance which are genuine and powerful elements of New Guinea Islands daily life.

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The Tubuans (second from left, below) are a visible manifestation of a powerful secret society among the Tolai (the people of the Rabaul-Kokopo area). At the other end of the scale are singsings dramatizing important events or just for fun -- musical comedy!

Singsings are happening all the time for a variety of reasons. No major (or often minor) event is complete without a singsing to mark the occasion. Tubuans are seen marking the opening of major gatherings, new buildings, the launching of new enterprises, and on traditional occasions.

Some singsings and related events are private to families, clans, or groups, of course, but others are public or at least open to friends. As Tolais, we have extensive networks and can arrange to introduce you to places, people, and performances which otherwise might be out of your reach.

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Festivals and other major events

The National Mask Festival and Warwagira held in Kokopo annually in July/August, runs for several days with many performances singsings and traditional ceremonies along with some more modern music.

For example, this year's (2013) festival begins on Wednesday 17 July with the Kinavai where the Tolai Tubuans come ashore from canoes in the pearly, pre-dawn light to be welcomed by thousands of happy villagers, local residents and foreign tourists alike.

The first night will see a Bainings Fire Dance performed at the festival grounds in Kokopo -- it is a relatively rare event for the Fire Dance to be performed outside the Bainings' home villages.

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The National Mask and Warwagira Festivals showcase a wide variety of singsings and customs, and give you the chance to see how a python is cooked — and to eat  morsel yourself!
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