Rabaul Half Day Tour - a selection of highlights

A look at Tavurvur volcano and the devastation it caused on Matupit Island, along with the Islanders’ reconstruction efforts are a highlight of the Rabaul tour.

Pick up from your hotel at 8:00AM, return at 12:30PM. From K239 (USD109)

The Rabaul half day tour (K239/person, scheduled tour; K1912, individual/exclusive group tour) begins with the view of the town and volcanoes from the vulcanological observatory and typically includes four or five highlights.

Individuals or groups can choose the highlights they want to see and book accordingly.

We usually stop to see the Japanese barge tunnel at Karavia before going on to Rabaul and the Vulcanological Observatory lookout.

A typical tour might then look at a mix of Rabaul's war history, the volcano devastation and reconstruction, and touch base with daily life at the town market.

For your comfort, we recommend…

We recommend loose clothing, sun protection, hat, sunglasses, comfortable shoes or sandals preferably flat, camera, water, and some small money to spend at the market.

Call now to book

Call now to book: +675 7270 9261 or email using the form at right.

Rebuilding after the volcano eruptions, Admiral Yamamoto’s bunker, and the friendly Rabaul market are  all part of Rabaul tours.
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